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Recipe: Mom’s Green Bean Casserole

Mom food from the 1950s. I  followed the recipe from the French’s coupon insert but it was pretty bland so I doctored it up a bit with some ingredients that were probably present in the original. Serves 8. Ingredients: 1 … Continue reading

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Recipe: Broccoli Slaw with Red Onion and Cranberries

It’s pretty hardcore to bring a sweet slaw with onions to a neighborhood potluck, but this one works beautifully. (And it’s great with ham which is why I’m publishing the recipe this week.) When the perpetrator would not identify him/herself … Continue reading

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Should I cook my “fully cooked” ham?

This Sunday is Easter. All across the land, families will sit down to dinners featuring hams which were sold as “fully cooked” yet have been heated in a 350 degree oven according to a recipe like this one: “If the … Continue reading

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Battle Tripe

I love tripe. I love all organ meats, actually, but I have a particularly warm spot in my heart for tripe. It’s partly the spongy, chewy texture, strange and forbidding yet somehow irresistible. Partly the way this mild meat serves … Continue reading

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Recipe: Poor Man’s Bloody Mary Mix

Here’s a way to dress up boring tomato juice with ingredients you’re likely to have around the kitchen. The flavor profile is similar to seafood cocktail sauce. If you come into money, first thing to add is some vodka or … Continue reading

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Recipe: Tomato Aspic

You can’t get past the first serving station at the Highland Park Cafeteria without encountering an array of tempting aspics. Tomato is one of my favorites. This prep is sure to warm the heart of anyone with roots in the … Continue reading

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Food for Thought: She Simmers

While researching green papaya salads for my Mock Som Tam recipe, I typed “how to make green papaya salad without a mortar and pestle” into the Google search box and up popped She Simmers. Leela Punyaratabandhu was born in Thailand … Continue reading

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God’s breakfast

One day I was visiting with the proprietor of my local Armenian market and discussing the various spices needed to cook the recipes in the Jerusalem: A Cookbook. He kept tucking into what he described as his “breakfast” which was … Continue reading

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Recipe: Mock Som Tam (Green Papaya Salad)

Real green papaya can be hard to come by, hence the workarounds. The flavor base of this is very strong and good so experiment until you get a vegetable combination you like. Serves 4-6. Ingredients: 4 c cabbage (½ head), … Continue reading

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This post is sponsored by… the FTC!

I’ve recently seen a number of disclaimers at the bottom of bloggers’ posts about specific products that go something like this: The product(s) featured in this review was provided free of cost to me for the sole purpose of product … Continue reading

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